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Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd
37-39 Alvechurch Road
Birmingham B31 3JW
0121 439 3990

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 9:30AM - 5:00PM
Saturday : 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday/Bank Holidays: Closed

Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd T&C's

1. These Terms & Conditions set out the relationship with the Customer and Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd Limited.

2. Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd Limited is registered in England and registered office is at 37/39 Alvechurch Street, Birmingham B31 3JW, Company Number 10392021 VAT Registration Number 265 1753 94

3. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

4. Prices

Due to the nature of our specialist cleaning process, Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd price lists are for guidance only and may vary depending on the condition of the garment, the delicacy of the fabric, whether the garment requires specialist attention. Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd will advise of the cost of cleaning the garment prior to undertaking the work and call you to advise if this garment(s) will incur a higher cost due to extra work which may need to be carried out.

5. Collection

a. Unless you have specified a drop & collect service, you are responsible for making suitable arrangements for collection of your garment(s) from our shop. In the event that after collection your garment(s) is damaged or lost after being handed over to yourself or delegated person, we do not accept liability.

b. We will make every endeavour to keep to your allocated collection time agreed, but we reserve the right to change it should your garment take additional time to clean and will tell you if we do so within a reasonable time.

c. Items not collected within 3 months of being left at our shop will be disposed of.

6. Drop & Collect

If we are providing you with a drop & collect service, and are unable to deliver to you within the time slot agreed, or have to deliver late, for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or supplier failure, we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss this causes. We will not charge for goods unless or until we have delivered them to you.

7. Claims

7.1. It is the customer's responsibility to check their goods within 48 hours from collections or delivery, after such period Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd take no responsibility or liability for any damaged or missing goods.

7.2. In the event the customer cannot provide proof of purchase for the items damaged or missing by means of a receipt or bank statement then it's at Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd 's discretion on whether reimbursement will be paid based on the following conditions;

a. If the customer has signed a Owners risk - then no payment will be made

b. If the item shows signs of significant wear which could result in a weakness of the material or stitching then no payment will be made

c. If the customer can provide proof of purchase by means of receipt of bank or credit card statement then the following amount to be paid will apply:

  • Less than 1 month 100% of value
  • 1-2 months 75% of value
  • 3-4 months 50% of value
  • 5-6 months 25% of value
  • 6-12 months 15% of value
  • 12 months or more no payment

d. In the event Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd can find the exact same item at a lower price than the value of the goods then this will be the amount Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd will reimburse the customer on subject of a receipt from the customer.

e. Only once an agreement has been reached will any reimbursement be made and a receipt for the purchase of the replacement goods has been provided to Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd .

f. No reimbursement will be paid by cash. The customer must provide their bank details and Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd will transfer the money within a maximum of 25 WORKING DAYS days afterwards.

7.3. In the event the claim value is £250.00 or more and Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd has accepted liability then this will be handled through Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd insurance company and therefore may take up to 6 weeks before payment can be made to the customer.

7.4. Any compensation will be for the value of the goods only (The cost of the cleaning or any other cost paid incurred by the customer will not be reimbursed)

8. Care Instructions

Whilst every possible care will be taken when washing and ironing the garments and our highly trained staff will ask relevant questions of our customers when bringing in garments for cleaning; it is the customer's responsibility to highlight specific cleaning or care instructions. Please ensure that you remove any items from the garments which may cause damage (i.e. change from pockets).

9. Shrinkage

There is a chance some garments will experience shrinkage, this is occurs in natural fibres i.e. cotton, wool, silk etc. At Crystal Care Cleaners every effort will be made to ensure the shrinkage is at the most minimum, however we cannot guarantee zero shrinkage, and it is our customer's decision to proceed or not at that point. If the customer requests to proceed with the service to clean the garment, full payment for the service provided will need to be made

10. Stain removal

Every effort will be made to remove stains from garments, however Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd cannot guarantee to remove all stains. Our customers will be appraised at the time of inspecting a garment, if we believe the removal of stain(s) may not be possible and it is our customer's decision to proceed or not at that point. If the customer requests to proceed with the service to clean the garment, full payment for the service provided will need to be made.

11. Risk of damage

The Wet-Care system used by Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd is extremely gentle and it is very rare for items to be damaged, but again, Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd will appraise the customer at the time of inspecting a garment if we believe there could be any risk of damage. It is the customer's decision to proceed or not at that point.

12. Payment Terms

Payments have to be made at the point of leaving your garment(s) with us for cleaning (pre-payment) and a discount can (at manager's discretion) be made available to our customers. The manager can choose to allow the customer to pay in full on collection. All promotions and discounts will be subject to change without prior notice.