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Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd
37-39 Alvechurch Road
Birmingham B31 3JW
0121 439 3990

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 9:30AM - 5:00PM
Saturday : 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday/Bank Holidays: Closed

Here at Crystal Care Cleaners ltd we have taken innovative approach in providing our customers with the ultimate garments and accessories cleaning service using a trusted and sophisticated process based on a wet cleaning technology by Lagoon®. We do not use harmful solvents and chemicals when cleaning your clothes, bedding and accessories, which is what would be typically being offered to you by a Dry Cleaner.

Why not freshen up your wardrobe, restore your suits or simply want to Clean your daily clothing. Crystal Care Cleaners ltd provides high quality and affordable cleaning options for you.

Crystal Care Cleaners ltd will provide Daily, Weekly or Monthly laundry service for individual customers as we understand the significance of your valuable time and how inconvenient it can be with piles of laundry, we offer hassle free laundry services

Crystal Care Cleaners ltd offers a contract laundry service for local businesses like Hotels, Restaurants and Offices. We undertake commercial contract work and offer flexible agreements to sit to your needs.

We also offer pick up and drop off services for major areas of Birmingham, please ask us about this service.


Contracts - Long & Short term

Contracts - Long & Short term

At Crystal Care Cleaners Ltd, we understand every business has its own requirements, & the importance of quality, with the best turn around times possible. We offer bespoke tailor made services to our partners, with minimal inconvenience & seamless service to your daily business activities. Contact us to find out how we can be of help.


Our in-house independent seamstress has over 40 years experience in all types of alterations, providing services like, turn ups, buttons, tapering, shortening, taking in on garments, but also does curtains, wedding/prom or cocktail dress alterations. She has a variety of equipment to cater for various needs.
Wedding and Traditional dresses

Wedding and Traditional dresses

We clean Wedding Dresses & Delicate Traditional Garments, including Sarees, Prom Dresses, Christening Dresses, Kilts & more. We take great care to ensure you get the best cleaning possible We also offer various types packing boxes for weddings dresses.
Sport kits and uniforms

Sport kits and uniforms

We undertake sports kits cleaning, including Rugby, Football, Karategi etc. We use specialised detergents to restore the uniforms. We can provide both one off & contract cleaning for teams, groups or companies.
UGG boots and Leather

UGG boots and Leather

We clean most types of leather & Suede products, including UGG boots, Leather & Suede Jackets, Pants, and accessories. We use specialized color stabilizers & conditioners combined with Lagoon® technology. Your leather products will be protected & fresh for a long time, in some cases we also re-proof your leather product
Steam and ironing

Steam and ironing

We understand Ironing is NOT everyone’s favorite hobby, and we can help. We are equipped with modern ironing & steaming systems that will not damage your garments, but leave you with a crisp finish.
Curtains, duvets and beddings

Curtains, duvets and beddings

We recommend you clean/wash your quilts/Duvets atleast once a year, We provide the best cleaning solutions, for ALL types and Sizes of your Quilts/Duvets and Beddings & even pack them in breathable bags for storage. We take great care in cleaning your curtains, making them fresh & clean at the best prices possible
Dry cleaning with Lagoon® technology

Dry cleaning with Lagoon® technology

We use the most sophisticated system approved by Woolmark® which does NOT use any harmful chemicals, giving your garments a fresh clean. Most reputable clothing brands now recommend Wet Cleaning Technology. By using wet cleaning, you are Looking after your garments, the environment & most Importantly yourself!


We do:

Formal Wear

  • 2/3 pieces Suits, Jackets/Blazers, Linen Jackets/Blazers, Suit Trousers, Linen Suit Trousers, Waistcoats, Ties, 3 Piece Morning suits, Dinner suits, Tie/Cravats (silk/non silk), cummerbund, Kilts,

Everyday Wear

  • Skirt, Dress Shirt, Short Dress, Long Dress, Silk/Linen dresses, Leather skirts, Trousers, Blouses, Shorts, T shirts, Jumpers/Cardigans,

Special Occasions

  • Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Christening gowns, Ballgowns, Wedding Veil, cocktail dresses,

Traditional Wear

  • Sari and wrapped garments, Shalwar Kameez, Churidaar Lehenga Choli (skirt and blouse), sherwani, Khanga, Kitenge dresses, Kimono, Traditional African dresses.

Outdoor Clothing

  • Raincoat, Puff/Quilted Jackets, Workmens Coats, Ski Jackets, Full Length Coats, Jackets (leather/Suede), Hoodies, Duffel Coats,


  • UGG Boots, Slippers Suede/Leather, Leather/Suede Shoes, timberland, Boots,

Bags, Purses

  • Hand Bags (Leather/Suede), Designer Purse, Sports Bags, Satchels, Holdalls


  • Scarfs, Hats (Wool), Shawl/Pashmina, Handkerchief (silk), gloves (silk/Leather),


  • Dressing Gowns (silk), Pyjamas (silk), Jumpers/Cardigans, Onsie, Slippers Suede/Leather

Laundry by Basket

  • Wash/Dry, (Pressed/folded)


  • Bed Sheets (single/double/king), Duvet cover (single/double/king), Pillow Cases, Duvet (single/double/king), Duvet- Feather (single/double/king), Pillow, Feather Pillows, Beadspreads (single/double/king), Mattress Toppers (single/Double/King)


  • Towels (hand/Single/Double/Bath Sheet), Bath Mat


  • Table Cloths (small 2-3ft, medium 4-6ft, large 6ft+), Napkins


  • Curtains –unlined/unlined (small 46’x54, Medium 66’ x72’, Large 72’x90, XL 90’x90’), Roman blinds, Door Curtains, Seat Covers, Rugs, Cushion covers (small/medium/large), Arm Covers, Tie Backs.


  • Salopettes, Riding Chaps, Football Kits (18 pax), Rugby Kits (18 pax), Cricket Whites (15 pax), Ski Jackets, Ski Suits


  • Blankets, Dog Beds, Horse Blankets


  • Ground Blankets, Sleeping Bags,


  • We welcome businesses of all sizes to use our wet cleaning and laundry services. Whether you need towels and duvets cleaned for your hotel or simply table cloths and napkins, we can provide you with the perfect solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to get more information on prices.